“I wish I could play guitar like that!” – Jimmy Stafford (Train)

“If I could play like that I’d just stay home and do that all day.” – Chris Wormer (Charlie Daniel’s Band)

“Rob is an amazing guitarist!” – Phil Keaggy

“I bought this guy sushi one night.” Ralphie May

“I have no idea who this is.” Louis CK


It’s hard to define Rob Higginbotham and the Mysterious Undertones.  With his dramatic, compelling songs from the American traditions of swing, blues, folk and rock, Rob’s virtuosic style can best be described as Americana Swing.

His live shows combine wit and high energy with a lyrical depth that moves audiences in unexpected ways. Drawing on jazz and classical studies and years of working as a pro Nashville guitarist, Rob’s brings world class musicianship to every performance, and his eclectic range of songs have something for everyone.

Rob’s eponymous debut EP was released in September of 2017, recorded in the legendary Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN earlier that year.  Rob and the Undertones chose to record live in the studio, so the bass, drums, guitars and vocals were were all cut together.  No click tracks, studio tricks or auto-tuning, the tracks are the real deal, old school professionalism from a pre-digital era.

“I really wanted to capture performances, to make magical moments that we can share with the world.  I’ve spent years recording with click-tracks and editing together perfect representations of songs, but I feel like something gets lost that way.  This was a dream come true for me.”

Rob and the Undertones recorded four more songs during the Sound Emporium session which are due out summer of 2018, along with some brand new creations.  He performs regularly in the Nashville/Franklin area and planning on touring regionally this spring and summer.  Check upcoming dates for more info.